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The Geology and Environmental Geosciences Department has amazing faculty from a variety of backgrounds. You will find someone to work with you in any geologic interest. We look forward to collaborating with you.





Ali, K. Adem Assistant Professor 953.0877 More Info
Beckingham, Barbara    

Assistant Professor 


Beutel, Erin

Associate Professor

953.5591 More Info
Brown, K. Mace

Associate Curator

Bruce, Samantha Adjunct Faculty 953.5589
Callahan, Timothy

Associate Professor

953.8278 More Info
Carew, James


953.5592 More Info
Chadwick, D. John Assistant Professor 953.5950 More Info
Colgan, Mitchell Department Chair 953.7171 More Info
DuMars, Anton Adjunct Faculty 953.5589 More Info
Hall, Cynthia Adjunct Faculty 953.7852 More Info
Harris, M. Scott Associate Professor 953.0864 More Info
Humphreys, Lauren Adjunct Faculty 953.5589
Humphreys, Robin Visting Instructor 953.7424
Jaumé, Steven Associate Professor 953.1802 More Info
Jordan, Michael Adjunct Faculty 953.5589
Kane, Molly Adjunct Faculty 953.5589
Katuna, Michael Professor Emeritus More Info
Levine, Norman

Associate Professor

953.5308 More Info
Luciano, Katie Adjunct Faculty 953.5589
Moore, Christian Adjunct Faculty 953.5589
Newell, Joan Retired Office Manager More Info
Nusbaum, Robert Professor 953.5596 More Info
Reale, Toni Adjunct Faculty 953.5589
Rhodes, Elizabeth

Senior Instructor (on leave)

953.8139 More Info
Ritchie, Alexander Professor Emeritus More Info
Runyon, Cass

Associate Professor

953.8279 More Info
Sautter, Leslie

Associate Professor

953.5586 More Info
Vulava, Vijay Associate Professor 953.1922 More Info
Yanagawa, Stacey Office Manager 953.5589 More Info
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