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Jordan Davis '18 is working for the Dept of Energy and Environment in Washington, D.C.

Andrew Kopchynski '18 started working as a Staff Geologist with Seres Engineering & Services, LLC in June 2019. (updated April 2020)

Michael Shahin '18 will be attending the University of Kansas starting in January 2019. He has a research assistantship to study glaciers on Greenland!

Ashley Turner '18 currently works as a Hydrologic Technician for the US Geological Survey in the Charleston, SC field office. (updated April 2020)


Ashlynn Anderson '17 is working for Southern Current, a solar industry consulting firm (with MES alumni Mike Braun and Amanda Corll!).


Shelby Bowden '16 will be going on a cruise to Guam on the Okeanos Explorer this summer, continuing research in the fall, and pursuing a PhD in Oceanography in the spring. 

Sarah Chahin '16 will be starting grad school in spring 2017 and may be traveling to New Zealand in the meantime.

Dante Curcio '16 is working toward his Master's Degree in Geophysics at Indiana University.

Will Dennis-King '16 is working as a Staff Geologist for AECOM in North Charleston. (updated April 2020)

Mary Eaton '16 is working at Alpine Ocean Seismic Survey in New Jersey.

Homer Thomas Hiers '16 plans on pursuing a career in oceanography. He went on a cruise on the NOAA Pisces and eplored National Parks out west this summer. 

Haven Lane '16 will be applying to graduate schools in the summer, and backpacking Southeast Asia in the fall. 

Mallory McCormack '16 will be continuing to pursue an education in Marine Geology. 

Lyall Plumb '16 is working at Terry Environmental in Summerville, SC as a field geologist. She hopes to continue pursuing her education once she gets a bit of field work experience under her belt. (updated 7/20/16)

Will Vesely '16 is attending graduate school at Virginia Tech studying geochemistry. 

Laura Wilkes '16 is attending law school at William & Mary, hoping to pursue environmental law. 

Rachel Wireman '16 is sailing on the R/V Celtic Explorer with the Geological Survey of Ireland as part of the INFOMAR project as supported by the Marine Institute of Ireland. It is a trans-Atlantic cruise from Newfoundland to Galway, Ireland.

Jessie Woodruff '16 is taking a year off to travel and apply to graduate school. 

Maria Zubizarreta '16 is getting her yoga teacher certification over the summer and pursuing a Masters of Science in Public Health and Epidemiology at the Univeristy of South Carolina in the fall.

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Seth Abel '15 is working at RPS Evans-Hamilton as a Marine Scientist. He's currently working on projects in the Outer Banks, NC. (updated 4/6/16)

Neah Baechler '15 is mapping Northwest Hawaiian Islands aboard a NOAA ship and will continue to look for more cruise opportunities at the conclusion of this trip. 

Abigail Barrett '15 will be starting her master's in geology at the University of Tennessee in the fall. 

Kyle Bostick '15 will be starting his master's in geology at the University of Florida in the fall.

F. Garrett Boudinot '15 will be starting his master's in geology at the University of Colorado-Boulder in the fall.

Jenny Brennan '15 will be starting her master's in geology at the Duke in the fall.

Haley Cabaniss '15 will be starting her master's in geology at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in the fall.

Alyssa Johnson '15 is attending graduate school in Texas.

Cara Lauria '15 will be starting her master's at the University of Colorado-Boulder in the fall.

William Lorentzen '15 is an environmental scientist for the Wantman Group Inc. in West Palm Beach, FL. (updated 1/28/16)

Rachel Silverstein '15 will be starting her master's in geology at the Eastern Tennessee State University in the fall.

Monica Steele '15 obtained a masters degree in applied Geospatial sciences from NAU in 2019 and have been working as a 'petro-analyst' at Pioneer Natural Resources, a Texas based oil and gas company which operates in the Permian Basin. Monica works in the 'Strategic Planning and Field Development' team primarily providing GIS support, as well as other geoapplications. Overall, she works on a lot of projects, anywhere from competitor analysis to qorkfliw development to maintaining data integrity and everything in between. (updated April 2020)

Help us Find: Michael Colonna, Nick Damm, William Dennis-King, Matthew Fraioli, Garth Groshans, Jon Elliott Harrington, Kristin Hughes, Megan Jackson, Kori Ktona, Aaron Latham, Christopher (Kit) McKeown, Savannah Norvell, Mauricio Ramallo, Robert (West) Rivers, Nick Roach, Monica Steele, Hannah Yates

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Robin Banner '14 is getting her PhD from the School of Oceanography at the University of Washington. She was awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship. She will begin work as Assistant Professor of Geology at the College of Coastal Georgia in August 2020. (updated April 2020)

Angela Dapremont '14 will be pursuing her PhD at the Georgia Tech School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences in the fall. (updated 1/28/16)

Sylricka Foster '14 was a program assistant of the South Carolina Space Grant Consortium. She's now getting her Master's at Columbia University in New York, NY.

Christina (Hefron) Maschmeyer '14 is pursuing her PhD in Geological Sciences at the University of South Carolina. She successfully defended her Master's thesis in April of 2016. (updated 4/6/16)

Taylor Intapahn '14 is working in San Francisco as a surveyer for eTrac Inc.

Izzy Kratchman '14 is working in San Francisco as a surveyer for eTrac Inc.

Casey (Rutherford) Jones ' 14 is attending graduate school at Northern Arizona University.

Mariel Simpson '14 is working at GreenBy3.

Marian (Montgomery) Taylor '14 is working at a jewelry store in Charleston while making geologically inspired fabric and accessories on the side.

Sonja Tyson '14 is working full-time and attending CofC's Master's in Environmental Studies Program

Bradley Weiss '14 will be attending graduate school at the Univeristy of Michigan's School of Natural Resources and Environment. (updated 3/20/16)

Help us Find: Nicholas Capps, Katherine Johnson, Bryan Mayeux, Kelsey Murdaugh, Trudy Noll, Kimberly Profitko, Ashleigh Reeves, Kristine Rollings, Kyle Schultz, Seema Shah, Caitlin Simmons, Caroline Smith, Elias Webster, Kristen Abberley, Charles McHugh, Duncan McIntosh, Trent (Xan) Schlegel, Mary (Grace) Smythe, Hunter Stevens

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Francis Bustard '13 is working as a GIS intern in the City of Casper, WY and as a Cartographic Technician at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Matt Christie '13 is a project surveyer at Fugro.

William Edwards '13 is a technical solutions provider at CARIS

Heather Flowers '13 is working as an Environmental Scientist at ECS.

Matthew Hughes '13 is working for C&C Technologies Inc.

Lydia Nickolas '13 worked at CofC as a research assistant for Geology & Sustainability and is now in graduate school at Oregon State University.

Alicia Raimann '13 is the Science Education Assistant on the Yorktown (Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum).

Morgan Shuman '13 earned her MS from Auburn University and is now the Petroleum Economics Analyst -Software Integrated Solutions (SIS) for Schlumberger in Houston, TX.

Caroline Smith '13 is an office manager at Learnlaunch.

Help us Find: Brandon Ferro, Ralph Morris, Ahmed Nayel, Cristin Whiteman, Jacqueline Alexander, Catharine Sydow, Joshua Maschmeyer, Justin Peers

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Peter Bierce '12 is working for the Department of Natural Resources in the South Carolina Oyster Restoration and Enhancement (SCORE) program.

Victoria A. Clesi '12 is a geologist for ERM: Environmental Resources Management, an environmental consulting firm, working in contaminated site management and transaction services.

Kristopher J. Enfinger '12 worked at Athena Technologies.

Christian Hartmann '12 is a field geophysicist for C&C Technologies out of Seattle, WA. His first assignment was in Nome, AK.

Veronica Holton '12  worked as a navigator on a seismic survey project in Cook Inlet, Alaska for NCS Subsea and on contract for EIVA in Denmark.

Kayla Johnson '12  is working as an independent contractor doing hydrographic survey work internationally.

Jennifer Kist '12 is working at NOAA's Atlantic Hydrographic Branch located in Norfolk, VA as a Marine Survey Specialist.

Samantha Kuzma '12 is working for the USGS in Florida. She was previously at an environmental consulting firm, Environmental Alliance, as a Database Professional/Environmental Scientist.

Lindsay Lipsey '12 worked at Tideline Tours for the summer before heading to the Netherlands to attend graduate school at Utrecht University.

Anne Mastin '12 is a GIS Technician for Syringa Networks in Idaho.

Heather Meyer '12 was a Postgraduate Reserach Participant (Planetary Geology) at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory and is now attending graduate school in Arizona. 

J. Ryan Rembert '12 lives and works in Seattle.

Brad Sion '12 is attending graduate school at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology studying hydrology.

G. Cooper Smith '12 worked as a field geologist at Terry Environmental Services, an environmental consulting firm based out of Summerville, SC and is now in Seattle, WA.

David Kutai Weiss '12 participaed in an internship at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California before starting his PhD program at Brown University in Providence, RI.

Help us Find: Jordan Adams, Megan Arnett, Gabrielle Byrd, Brett Haenn, Daniel Harper, Elyse Jenkins, Kacey Johnson, John Kerr, Vanessa Martin, Alex Nuechterlein, Emily Osborne, Jason Silvers, James Capps, Arthur Clauss, Hampton Frazier, Caitlyn Mayer, Ross Mills, Mary O'Neil, David Pasquini

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Caroline Broderick '11 is an energy and environment correspondent with the U.S. Senate.

Cody Donofrio '11 works for Stratagraph, Inc. and is currently contracted to Swift Engery on a Parker Drilling Inland Barge.

Chris Ginn '11 is getting his Masters in Geology-Sequence Stratigraphy from University of Georgia and will be moving to The Woodlands, TX in August 2014 to start his job as a Geologist at Anadarko Petroleum Corporation.

Josh Graham '11 is a graduate student in geology at the California State University, Northridge. He's using cosmogenic dating to get ages for moraines around the Grizzly Lake Glacier in Northern California for his thesis.

Kyle Gray '11 has started a resource evaluation company located in Reno, NV.

Lindsay Hazlewood '11 is a geology graduate student at the University of Nevada Reno.

Ross Holbrook '11 works for a mineral exploration company and is currently exploring the Peruvian Andes.

Lauren Holder '11 is a geology graduate student at Texas A&M University.

Patrick Jones '11 is a geology graduate student at Louisiana State University.

Jeff Schwindaman '11 completed his M.S. in Geology from Clemson University and is now working as a hydrologist at the Army Geospatial Center in Alexandria, VA.

Allison Stone '11 is employed by NOAA.

Help us Find: Madelyne Adams, Kathryn Barattini, Phillip DeGryse, John Hildreth, Joshua Lieberman, Katherine Marshall, Mitchell Warnick, Frank Waters, Delphine Woodman, Kyle Ford, Chelsea Heidt, Harris Pantlik, Michelle Weisman, Jillian Biggerstaff, Amber Onufer

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Karen Black '10 is completing graduate work in geological sciences and the University of Texas.

Dylan Cobb '10 is currently working toward a M.S. in Geology at the Colorado School of Mines and interning with SM Energy in Montana this summer.

Lillian Comegys '10 is attending graduate school at the Colorado School of Mines in geophysics.

Josh Mode '10 was recently appointed New Academic Liaison for CARIS a provider of geospatial software located in New Brunswick, Canada.

Andy Moreland '10 is working for RES doing stream design in Virginia. (updated April 2020)

Virginia Murphey '10 is attending Oregon State University in geology.

Mary Anne Thompson '10 is working on her Ph.D. in volcanology at the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

Kelly Tomlinson '10 is working for Hunt Oil Company as the company GIS Specialist - running the entire GIS System, from geological project design to database to integration. She's also working on her PhD at Univeristy of Texas - Dallas focusing on spatial and temporal effects of injection well placement on groundwater quality. (updated 2/21/17)

Help us Find: Kellianne Beltran, Alan Blackwell, Brent DeArmond, Christina Fandel, Kristen Hughes, Ramia Kamaria, Talban Kantala, Valerie Kuehne, Ginger Leib, Stephen Long, Daniel McCartha, Kalen McNabb, Sarah Rollins, Jordan Goff, Julia Jacobs, Christopher Looney, Evan Koelker, Katherine Gorsuch, Emily Casey, John Cruz, Lee Moreland, Miranda Murphy

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Sarah Giles (soon to be Arnold)'09 is a sample receiving technician at a water quality testing lab in Anchorage, Alaska called ARS Aleut Analytical (an Alaska Native corporation). She lives in the most amazing ski town in Alaska called Girdwood, historically called "Glacier City." She sees glaciers in her backyard! (updated 2/2/18)

Tim McClinton '09 is a geological sciences graduate student at the University of South Carolina.

Michael Passarello '09 has completed his masters in Hydrogeology and Environmental Geosciences at the University of Texas. He works for ExxonMobil as a User Support Geoscientist responsible for stewarding and supporting software applications that geoscientists utilize to find oil and gas.  

Help us Find: Sarah Doliber, Timmon Drumm, Kyla Erich, Mary Lee, Brittney Marshall, Sharon McMullen, Joshua Mode, Andrea Savage, John Schneider, Brooke Spivey, Andrew Starland, Daniel Youngblood, Thomas Drewel, Clarke Moore, Nicholas Findlay, Mary Bodendorf, Brent Cobb, Sara Hosenfeld, Kyle Lawing, Peter Muller

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Chris Itteilag '08 is attending Georgetown University in the Real Estate Masters Program.

Chandra Lilly '08 was a graduate student in the Urban Studies Program at the University of New Orleans and is now working as a water quality specialist at Pennsylvania DEP

Isaac Lopez '08 is currently working as a Project Geologist for Heeter Geotechnical Construction on the excavation for the construction of a new 1200 long lock chamber on the Kentucky Dam. The work includes four primary phases: 1) excavation of earth over burden, 2) installation of rock anchors to reinforce the existing lock wall, 3) construction of a grout curtain along two cofferdams to de-water below the Tennessee river, and 4) drill and blast the bedrock to sculpt the floor of the new lock and the foundation for the new concrete lock monoliths. Previous employment includes working as a Resource/Geologic Modeler for Kinross Gold Corp in Round Mountain, NV, and as a Senior Staff Geologist at Geosyntec Consultants(updated April 2020)

Mike Reed '08 spent 2 weeks aboard the R/V Thompson, U. Washington's 200' research vessel.  He was one of two survey technicians in charge of the multibeam sea floor mapping of the Hydrate Ridge and Axial Volcano off the coast of WA.  These surveys are the first for establishing the site selection for the nodes of the Regional Cabled Observatory (formerly called NEPTUNE).

Help us Find: Robert DeLorme, Sarah heriot, Stephanie Jackson, Keith Meany, Russell Simmons, Amy Blackshear, Gabrielle Munn, Robert Hairston-Porter, James Miller

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Jennifer Bradham '07 has recently been accepted for graduate studies in the Earth Sciences program at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Amber Kuss '07 works at NASA Ames Research Center and NASA Develop National Program.

Anthony Monk '07 is a geologist for Terry Environmental Services, Inc., Summerville, SC.

Dylan Murphy '07 is a graduate student in the Master of Environmental Studies Program at the College of Charleston.

Megan (Rosenblatt) Cleinmark '07 received her M.S. in Geosciences from the University of Montana and is now working as a Project Geologist and Environmental Specialist for a Geotechnical Engineering Firm, LE Gregg Associates, in Lexington, KY. She also teaches Intro to Geology at a local community college. (updated 9/21/16)

Majken Schimmel '07 studied Paleogeology at Virginia Tech and is now working for EOG Resources

McKean Smith '07 is a energy exploration geologist working in eastern Canada.

Chris Stubbs '07 has completed a masters degree from the  University of California, Santa Barbara. He is a marine geophysicist with Terrasond Ltd., located in Seattle, WA.  Chris is spending the next few months in Holland, California, and Brazil.

Matt Tinley '07  completed a masters degree from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2010. He is a geoscientist for eni in their Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Exploration group in Houston, TX. He hopes to go abroad to Norway in the next couple years.

Help us Find: Pier Hardin, Jana Raksnis, Kathleen Rehberg, Jennifer Seery, Dane Smith, Zachary Briggs, Susan Lyczany, Ray Creede, John Heinsohn, Alan Myers-Davis, Kevin Staggers

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Gina Applebee '06 is a graduate student attending the University of Missouri at Columbia, Mo. Recently, Gina went down in the submersible Alvin to conduct research and collect sample along the East Pacific Rise.

Kathleen Mackie '06 will attend graduate school at the Universität Hohenheim where she will study Environmental Protection and Agricultural Food Production. She has been awarded a Graduate Study scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service.

Ross Martin '06 is a graduate student at Georgia State in the Geosciences M.S. program.

John Rosen '06 completed a M.S. in Geology at Louisiana Lafayette University where he concentrated in geophysics. John is employed by Chevron in Lafayette, LA.

Erin Smith '06 completed her M.S. in Geology with a focus on Geoarchaeology at University of Georgia and a summer intership with GeoCorps at Mt. Rainier. She's currenlty getting back into teaching on the K-12 level.

Help us Find: Courtney Campbell, Jeffrey Medves, Erin Snow, Thomas Smith, Sarah Louise Cooper, Megan Rosenblatt, Elizabeth Thompson, Ransom White, Linda Zinnikas

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Nicole Abdul '05  completed a M.S. degree in Marine Science at Savannah State University. She has been accepted at Rutgers for Ph.D. graduate work in marine science (paleoclimatology). She received a prestigious Greenberg Fellowship.

Travis Debnam '05 is a project geologist for SMW Geosciences, a hydrological and environmental services company in Orlando, Florida.

Brian Dolphin-DiCioccio '05 works as a hydrogeologist in the Underground Storage Tanks Corrective Action division, SCDHEC, Columbia, SC.

Marina Drazba '05 has completed a M.S. degree in geology at Portland State University. She worked for Schlumberger, Ltd, for a while and is now a geoscientist for Fugro GeoConsulting. She does risk analysis for drilling, pipeline layouts, and regional studies.

Shelby Ellin '05 is a graduate student in the Master of Environmental Studies program at the College of Charleston.

Kyle Kelso '05 completed M.S. Degree requirements at the University of South Florida. He is employed at the U.S. Geological Survey in Tampa, Florida, where he is analyzing rates of Mississippi Delta subsidence with their research group.

Lauren Metger '05 completed a M.S. degree in Geological Sciences at East Carolina University.  Her thesis title was "Holocene Paleoenvironmental Change in Southern Pamlico Sound, North Carolina." Lauren is living in Charleston, SC.

Jessica Hughes '05 is living in Ampara, Sri Lanka with her son Sam and husband Chris. She is volunteering with Comite d'aide Medical helping with logistics and support, and with GOAL testing well water for contamination. Her work is important for Tsunami survivors.

Emily Sekula '05 is a Ph.D. candidate in geological sciences at the University of South Carolina. She is studying the biogeochemistry of the southern California coastline.

Lisa Shealy '05 spent 14 years in conservation with Lowcountry Land Trust before starting her own business, Peace of Land, last year. Her business provides support services to non-profit land conservation organizations and other conservation partners throughout the southeast. (updated April 2020)

Will Taylor '05 is living in Charleston after spending some time in Australia. He is a staff scientists for PSI with fellow alum Keene Fleck.

Amos Wamweya '05 recently completed a Masters in Geological Engineering at the Missouri School of Science and Technology. He is a geologist for Freeport McMoRan Morenci Operations located in Morenci, Arizona.

Help us Find: Julie Banko, James Brown, Asami Kikuchi, Christel Lopez, Mary Metger, Allison Seningen, Brett Floyd, David McKenzie, Jaclyn Colvin, Norman Jones, Christopher Brown, Adriane Cushman, John Freeze, Kari Gatchell, Ashley O'Kelly, Bethany Price, Joseph Schluter, Jennifer Wellman, Tad Woovis, Gina Applebee

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Jessica Barton '04 earned a M.S. in Environmental Studies from the College of Charleston. She lives in Richmond, Virginia, where she is VA Grassroots Coordinator with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

Dan Boles '04 has worked on the NOAA ships RAINIER and NANCY FOSTER since graduation at CofC. He will be attending USC law school in August pursuing a dual degree of JD (law) and MERM (master's of environmental resource management).

Dayton Dove '04 received his M.S. degree from University of Alaska, Fairbanks and now works for the British Geological Survey where he's involved in a diverse range of activities.

Kristin Gettys '04 is working with General Engineering Laboratories in Charleston, SC. She is performing environmental site assessment in coastal areas of South Carolina.

Shawn Malone '04 completed a M.S. degree in geology at the University of Florida. He is finishing up his Ph.D. work in isotope geochemistry at the University of Iowa where he is focused on geochronology and tectonics. He has done an ExxonMobil short course in the Guadeloupe mountains north of El Paso.

Carly Smith '04 graduated from Florida International University. Her thesis title is Biogeographic Comparisons of Neogene Benthic Foraminifera of the Caribbean and Tropical Eastern Pacific. Carly lives in Miami, FL.

Help us Find: Samuel Dowdney, Andrew Arnold, Kyle Kelso

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Amy Bondurant '03 has completed M.S. graduate work at University of Montana. Amy has accepted a position as a research geologist at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg VA. She is part of the EDMAP team mapping of the coastal plain for the state.

David Edwards has returned from working in Saudi Arabia. He is married and is living in Charlotte (NC) with his wife and daughter. David and his wife are partners in a disaster restoration company.

Jordan Felber '03 completed an M.S in Environmental Studies at the College of Charleston. He is Biologist-II for the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. Jordan's thesis work involved investigating fecal coliform concentrations in SC tidal creeks as affected by land use, creek size, tidal stage, and rainfall. His job-related tasks for the Biologist-II position include further investigations of land use effects on SC estuarine systems.

David Gorney '03 completed an M.S. in Geophysics at the University of Texas, Austin. He is a geologist in the Gas Asset Team at Marathon Oil in Houston. David is also completing a MBA degree from Tulane University.

Sarah (Kincaid) Barker '03 completed a M.S. in Geosciences from Mississippi State University '08. After completing 7 ½ years on active duty in the USAF, she's now working in Business Operations for the Intelligence Operations Directorate at Riverside Research, managing proposal efforts and acting as a program manager for DoD contracting efforts in Colorado Springs, CO. She is in the USAF Reserves, serving as an Operational Test Manager for Air Force Space Command systems.  And most importantly, is a full-time wife to Richard and mommy to 2 little boys.

John (Pennington) Metta '03 has completed a dual M.S. degree in Biological and Ecological Engineering at Oregon State University. He's working as a software developer and hard cider maker. He and Jessie had twins in November 2012.

Jessie (Sladek) Metta '03 is a Project Manager for Mid-Columbia Economic Development District. She and John live in Hood River, Oregon and had twins in November 2012.

Carolyn Sprague '03 is Environmental Project Manager for the engineering and environmental services company, S&ME, Inc. She is living in Savannah, GA.

Jamie (Taylor) Schluckebier '03 is living in Clearwater, Florida. She and her husband are expecting a son in early December.

Dianne (Turgeon) Richardson '03 is a financial representative with Northwestern Mutual Financial Network in Columbia. Check out her poem about field studies!

Jim Weeg '03 is a professional Project Geologist for Advent Environmental Inc., Mount Pleasant, SC.

Help us Find: Robert Ford, Erin Rea, Jodie Towers, Dia Whitaker, Dayton Dove, Kevin Hutchison, Carly Smith

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Vicki Balfour '02 is completing work in forestry at the University of Montana.

Barbara Brandon '02 is employed with S&ME, Inc., an engineering firm in Charleston.

Mike Alexander '02 is attending Georgetown University in the Real Estate Masters Program.

Diane Dudack '02 is project manager and geologist for RED Technologies, LLC in Bloomfield, CT.

Lauren Fuqua '02 completed her masters at Penn State in the Geosciences department. Her thesis focused on the recovery of phytoplankton from the K/T boundary extinction. She worked at C of C as an adjunct in Geology, and the Program Manager for Project Oceanica.

Carrie Gilbert '02 is working as a microbiologist at Atmospheric Glow Technologies  in Knoxville, TN. Carrie and colleagues use plasma to develop new sterilization techniques. She tests the prototypes and contributes to researching new ideas. On another note, Carrie recently had her work at MUSC (last year) published in the journal Tetrahedron. She is the lead author on the article.

Stuart Miles '02 is currently working as a 7th and 8th grade science teacher at Evergreen Community Charter School in Asheville, NC.  He is also enrolled in a M.S. Program in Science Education out of Montana State University, with an anticipated graduation date of July 2008 .

Siobhan O'Reilly-Green '02 completed a degree in Geotechnical Engineering at UC-Berkeley. She is working for an engineering firm in Berkeley which is involved in foundation design of a high speed rail system.

Chris Stang '02 is working as a geologist for Environmental Resource Management, Charleston, SC.

Jay Stevens '02 is a geophysics graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin. He is using high resolution 2d seismic reflection data from offshore Nicaragua/Costa Rica to investigate subsurface sequence stratigraphy while delineating tectonic from eustatic signals. Recently, Jay recently passed his qualifying exam to become a Ph.D. Candidate.

Joel Timmons '02 spent several months traveling around the world with family and friends. While traveling in India, he contracted Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a disorder in which the body's immune system attacks part of the peripheral nervous system. Fortunately, Joel received excellent care at a hospital in Delhi. Joel is recovering nicely and is back in Charleston.

Russ Willis '02 is finishing his M.S. thesis at LSU. He will will continue working for a mid-sized independent exploration company, Dominion, in New Orleans, when finished with his thesis.

Help us Find: Jerri Johnson, Zachary Kingman, Timothy Nickel, Jason Stephens, Noel Knopf, Caroline Steinhauser

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Andrew O'Conor '01 is a geologist for J.A. Jones Environmental Services, Charleston Naval Complex, North Charleston.

Gretchen Hay '01 recently graduated from the EVSS Program and is teaching marine science and coaching volleyball at Porter-Gaud School, Charleston, SC.

Kelly (Kaskin) Cone '01 is project manager with Terry Environmental Services, Summerville, SC.

Kelly Lindsay '01is teaching and completing a master's in Science Education at the University of Georgia

Toni Reale '01 has completed a M.S. degree Geosciences at the University of Massachusetts. Toni is currently employed with the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy as their Southeast Coastal Climate Organizer. Recently, she was involved in the development of a film that discusses the impact of sea level rise in the Charleston area. Toni lives in Charleston but travels from coastal Maryland to Louisiana with her job.

Thomas Quattlebaum '01 has earned a MS degree in earth sciences at the University of California-Santa Cruz. Thomas's research focused on global climate change and paleoclimate. Recently, Thomas co-authored a research article on abrupt climate warming during the Paleogene in the journal "Nature."

Andrea Steffke '01 completed a Ph.D. in volcanology at the University of Hawaii Manoa and conducted post-doc research at the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology. She is now working in Chevron's environmental research group based out of California.

Michael (Shaun) Stokes '01 is a geologist/geophysicist working for Environmental Resources Management-Southeast. His current project involves identification buried of ordinances at the Conway Bombing and Gunnery Range Between Conway and Myrtle Beach, SC.

Help us Find: Laura Driscoll, John Hurd, Christopher Stang, Jonathan Bennett, Antoinette Reale

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Chris Blundy '00 is working as a field tech for CH2M-Jones, a company involved in base closure operations at the former Charleston Naval Base.

Canaan Crouch '00 is completing graduate work in hydrogeology at California State University at Los Angeles. Canaan continues to work for Miller Brooks Environmental where he was promoted to Project Manager. He passed the Professional Geologist test and is licensed in the state of California.Canaan will begin at University of California, Irvine on September 9, 2005, for an MBA with a concentration in Real Estate Finance.

Stephanie Ennis '00 is an RN at MUSC working on the Transplant floor, where they transplant mostly kidneys and livers. They also take care of a lot of dialysis patients. Stephanie has been off of orientation for two months, and thoroughly enjoys the work.

Mike Falkner '00 is working as a geologist for a geotechnical and materials engineering firm called Davis Earth & Materials, Inc.  He lives in San Diego, CA.

Ashlea Graham '00 is an interpretive park ranger on the Blue Ridge Parkway, NC.

Joanne Horsch '00 is working General Engineering Labs, Charleston SC.

Chris Nichols is working for Thomas & Hutton Engineering Company in Savannah, GA.

Starr Richardson '00 is the Associate Director of the Lowcountry Hall of Science and Mathematics, College of Charleston.

Georgia Springs '00 and Ray have a 2-year-old son, Elijah Sky.  Dakotah is a big help. Georgia enjoys her work as an environmental health manager with DHEC in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Aaron Stokes '00 is a geologist with SAIC, an Environmental Consulting. Most of his work is at Savannah River Site where he is conducting field work and research, preparing reports, and using GIS to compile data.

Kathryn (Treml) Guimond '00 is employed at the College of Charleston as the Program Manager for a grant funded project from NASA's Science Mission Directorate, the Southeast Regional Clearinghouse (SERCH). She has also received her Master's degree in Science and Mathematics Education at the University of Charleston.

Paulette Wendell '00 was a geologist for General Engineering Labs in Charleston SC and is now at Hampton Creek Foods.

Christine Wing '00 is a geologist for a consulting engineering and science company, GeoMechanics, Inc. Elizabeth, PA.

Mike Jordan MES '00 worked as a geologist with Integrated Science & Technology, Inc. in Charleston, SC. Currently he owns his own company and is an adjunct faculty member for geology. 

Help us Find: Scott Bruemmer, Lee Crawford, Emily Holder, Karin Jordan, Andrea Shrader, Ximena Rebolledo, Donald Chase, Andrew Davis

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Jennie Akins '99 is working as a SCA Supported Volunteer in the Geologists-in-the-Parks Program, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Monument, Colorado.

Bret Davis '99 is working in Charleston for S&ME.  He specializes in natural resource and environmental work.  Brett is married and lives in West Ashley. 

Eileen Duffy '99 was recently accepted to the Masters program in City Planning at Clemson University.

Anton Dumars '99 has completed his MS thesis, entitled "Modern depositional processes in a river dominant prograding system , Atchafalaya Bay, Louisiana" in the Department of Geology & Geophysics at Louisiana State University. Anton is back in Charleston, working as a geologist with Jerry Sexton at Athena Technologies, Inc, and is an adjunct professor here at the College.

Brett Elrod '99 is a geologist with Albrecht Environmental, Inc., Charleston, SC

Katherine (Gurley) Kahn '99 graduated from the University of Colorado in December 2005 with a MS in Geology, focus on hydrogeology.  Kat is working for an environmental consulting firm (Cameron-Cole, LLC), living in Boulder, and is anxiously awaiting the ski season.

Jim Hackett '99 works for Hill Environmental, Pennington, NJ.

Joey Hoats '99 and Heather Tiszai are expecting their first child. Joey is working on tugboats that go up to Alaska. He just got an upgrade on his license and he is running as Mate. On his off time he builds me fun things in the yard- a chicken coop, greenhouse, and fences for my garden. They grow much of the food that they eat.

David Holsclaw '99 is an in-situ chemical injection specialist with Redox Technologies, Inc. out of Cary, NC. David lives on James Island with his wife, Dana (Geology, Class of '92), and his 9 month old daughter, Elaina.

Jhon Montalvo '99 just completed the first year of Law school at the University of South Carolina.

Kim Owens'99 has completed a M.Ed. in Science and Mathematics degree at the College of Charleston. She is a NOS Metadata Specialist at the NOAA National Ocean Service, Silver Springs, MD.

Victoria (Torie) Roberts '99 works for at the Bureau of Air Quality EQC Labs, DHEC, Columbia, SC.

Nicole Scheman '99 passed her dissertation defense at University of Hawaii with the Department of Natural Resource and Environmental Management. She has continued working as a environmental consultant in Hawaii.

Stephanie (Ennis) Snider '99 is a nurse in the Surgical-Trauma ICU at MUSC.

Erik Vander Horst '99 is back in Charleston working for Charleston County Emergency Medical Service as an EMT-B. Erik has recently completed Paramedic School and passed National Registry Boards.

Joe Hoats is a Captain/Educator for International Field Studies, Andros Island, Bahamas.

Help us Find: James Bandle, Kristina Coker, Margaret Duffy, Jennifer Guelfo, Matthew Henninger, Timothy McCall, Kurt McCoy, Nicole Scheman, Tara Cutter, Joseph Girlardo, Herbert Stokes, Charity Thomas

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Deanne Rogers '98 has completed a Ph.D. in geological sciences at Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ. Deanne and her husband Tim were part of the 2004 Mars landers team at NASA-Jet Propulsion Laboratory. They are continuing planetary research Cal Tech.

Dianna (Alsup) Gielstra MES '98 finished a PhD in Geography at Texas A&M in 2009.  Currently, is a science faculty member with the University of Phoenix where she focuses on geology and environmental science while training faculty how to teach in the online format.  Dianna has two children now Ella-5 years and Amelia 11 months.

Inna Burns '98 is working for the archaeological firm, Brockington & Associates, Inc., Mount Pleasant, SC.

Jamie Chose MES '98 is working at Earth Resource Systems Incorporated, producers of ARC GIS software.

Terence Claer '98 is a District Sales Coordinator for APR in Mount Pleasant, SC, where he is responsible for sales for 14 states out west (basically everything west of Texas). He and Kimberly are the proud parents of Isabella Maddison who is 2 years old and Ella Jordan who was born on December 1, 2004. They are living in North Charleston and plan to begin new home construction in the spring in Mount Pleasant.

Thomas "TAC" Covington III '98 is a Project Manager in the environmental department at Terracon Consultants, Inc in North Charleston. He previously worked in Dick Environmental Services, LLC's Summerville office supervising remediation sites across the state. He noted it was very interesting and rewarding to clean up South Carolina groundwater. 

David Dellenbach '98 is working as a geologist for Du Pont Chemicals and Pigments in Florida.

Marika Gessner MES '98 is President of the Charleston Chapter of the Habitat for Humanity.

Jennifer (Guelfo) Bagdol '98 has completed a M.S. Degree in Environmental Sciences and Engineering Department, Colorado School of Mines. Currently, she is working full time as a research associate at the Colorado School of Mines.

Sean Malley '98 is a Hydrogeologist working at Integrated Science and Technology in Charleston, South Carolina.

Kurt McCoy '98 has completed a M.S. Degree in geology at West Virginia University. He has accepted an opportunity with the USGS to conduct research in karst hydrology of the Shenandoah Valley area.

Barry Raus '98 is a geoscientist with Jacques Whitford Company in Philadelphia, PA.

Eric Rhoden '98 is a geologist with Texas American Resources in Austin, TX. He and Jill have a daughter.

Tashya (Riebe) Allen '98 is a coastal hazards specialist at the NOAA Coastal Services Center. She and her husband Jon and their 3 kids (mellow, boogie, and squirmy) live in Park Circle, North Charleston, SC.

Mandy (Simpson) Merritt ' 98 graduated in December 2003 with a MAT in Early Childhood Education Program at the College of Charleston. She is teaching teaching resource classes for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. Mandy, her husband John, and Luna (Mandy's dog) are living near Park Circle in North Charleston, SC.

Bo (Jack) Stalnaker '98 worked at University of Louisiana at Lafayette teaching an undergraduate course and graduate courses in Seismic Acquisition and Processing and Advanced Geological Computing. He's currently working in Houston as a senior research scientist at a small consulting company call Rock Solid Images.

Help us Find: Gwendolyn Burns, Bryan Flanagan, Anne Harris, Marlo Long, Colleen Mooney, Matthew Quinn, William McClary, David Holsclaw, Carol Akins, Charles Elrod

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Amy Davis '97 is migrating south for the winter from her normal job working for a company called Naturalists At Large while traveling all over California doing outdoor education trips for school groups. From January through March, she will be in Baja, Mexico leading whale watching and kayak trips through BlueWaters Kayak Co. From March through late April she will be partaking in Sea of Cortez trips which will be more of kayak expedition style and the option of staying at a self sustained eco-resort.

Randy Grant '97 is working for Southern Management Group, a construction project managers company that handles all work and contracts for owners that build or renovate buildings. He has been involved in several projects on the College of Charleston campus including: the new Science Center, the Carolina 1st Center, and the Art Expansion. Mollie and Randy have a 6 year old boy (Sullivan) and a 3 year old girl (Emory) and are living in Mt. Pleasant.

Elizabeth (Rogers) Joyner '97 recently relocated ot the Tidewater-area of Virginia and is the STEM Education Specialist for the Virginia Space Grant Consortiium. She hopes to continue developing and testing science curriculum for all grade levels.

Amer Smailbegovic '97 has started his own company called TeraElement ( in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, which provides remote sensing services on an international level. He will also be teaching geospatial courses in the fall at the International University of Sarajevo.

David Sansbury '97 is employed by Resource 21 in Denver Colorado. David is an atmospheric correction specialist with airborne data flown for agricultural applications. David and Heather are proud parents to a son.

Susan Oakley '97 is a program leader, managing about 40 people, while working as a hyperspectral image specialist for McClendon Automation in the DC area.

Travis Darden '97 lives on Sullivans Island, SC.

Jacob Dimond '97 is Health and Safety Manager at Arctic Slope Construction in Charleston, SC. Jacob and Char are proud parents of Patrick.

Jennifer Rabon '97 is a science teacher at Hammond School. She lives in Cayce, SC.

Chad Reihm '97 has recently been accepted to attend the University of Miami accelerated nursing program.

Danko Taborosi '97 received his Masters degree from University of Guam in 2000, and his Ph.D. from Hokkaido University in Japan in 2005, specializing in karst geology. He is now running an NGO called Island Research & Education Initiative, which is dedicated to environmental and cultural preservation work in Micronesia.

Heather Tiszai '97 is and Joey Hoats are expecting their first child. Heather enjoyed teaching mathematics a small private school that she plans to begin graduate work to further develop her teaching skills.

Megan Weiner Lang '97 has completed a Ph.D. in remote sensing at the University of Maryland. She is working at the USDA ARS Hydrology and Remote Sensing Lab in Beltsville Maryland. Megan is married and living in Silver Springs, Maryland.

Tina (Breazeale) Jacobs is completing a Masters in Environmental Policy and Management firm the University of Denver. She continues to work as an Environmental Scientist for JEA in their Industrial Pretreatment department. JEA is responsible for regulation of industries for contaminants that are limited by federal, state and local regulations. Tina married Brian Jacobs in January, 2001 and is living in the Jacksonville, Florida area.

Help us Find: Eugene Ferry, Barry Raus, John Riley, Judy Selfridge, Mary Cathey, Michael McDonald, Charles Brunson

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Tim Dulaney '96 Tim and Donna Compagnone were married Nov. 2000. He completed a summer internship with Exxon-Mobil in 2001 and his MS in Geology from UNC-Wilmington in March 2002. In April 2002 Tim started working full time as a geoscientist for Exxon-Mobil Currently he is in the New Hire Development Program which is a two year training program for geoscientists. The program consists of three eight month long rotations in the following areas: exploration, production, technical (acquisition, processing, gravity/magnetics, geophysical applications). He is learning a great deal, having a blast, and enjoying the people he works with.

Buddy Ferry '96 completed his Masters Degree in Geology at LSU. Buddy is currently a geoscientist with Noble Energy, Inc. He continues to work in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico exploration.

Robin Humphreys '96 is now a visiting instructor here with the Geology department.

Brian Kvam '96 is a registered Professional Geologist, working for Brownfields Redevelopment Group with CTC in Columbia, SC. He is using his experience in soil and groundwater assessment and remediation to assume a leadership role in technical review of proposals. Brian is the proud father of Sides James Kvam and daughter Rebecca Ann who was born on April 16, 2008.

Laura Murray Tobin '96 is working in Denver for Environmental Strategies Consulting LLC.   Her primary focus is on investigation/fate & transport of chlorinated solvents and metals in groundwater, predominately at private sector industrial facilities.  Laura married Robert Tobin in September 2004, and spends free time mountain biking, running, and snow boarding.

Jason Permenter '96 is attending graduate school at Cambridge University working on a Ph.D. In Volcanology.

Cyndi Hall Atkinson '96 has completed her Masters Degree at UCLA in Earth System Science. For her thesis, Cyndi used interferometric SAR coherence to delineate delta ecosystems within the Mackenzie Delta, NWT, Canada. She worked at the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab for 5 years and has now returned to the College of Charleston where she works for the grant funded project from NASA's Science Mission Directorate, the Southeast Regional Clearinghouse (SERCH).

Karen Csonka Walk '96 is a geologist working for Sperry-Sun Drilling Services/Halliburton. Karen give birth to Amber Ellizabeth on May 9, 2002. She and her family live in Seabrook, TX.

John Gibson '96 works as a database administrator for Carolina Healthcare System. He is married and the proud father of Georgia Katharina.

Megan (Keevican) Treml '96 is enjoying life in York, Pennsylvania, with here husband (Scott) and two daughters: Grace and Mae.

Laura Anne Murray '96 is living in Denver, CO and working as a hydrogeologist for Environmental Strategies Corporation. She completed a M.S. In Environmental Sciences-Hydrology from University of Virginia in May 2000.

Karen Waters '96 is a Hydrogeologist with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Water Resources Division in Columbia South Carolina.

Help us Find: Charles Branan, Karen Csonka, Charles Elliott, Melissa Jimenez, Megan Keevican, Carl Keller, Michael Owens, Jacob Dimond, Nicole Albright

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Matt Bares '95 Mary, and young Madison are living in Mount Pleasant, SC. Matt is a geologist employed by Chandler Construction Services, Inc.

Brevard Blythe '95 is a hydrogeologist with Handex, Inc. in Mt. Dora, FL. He recently earned a PG in both NC and FL. And just to let you know how much of an impact the use of Macintosh computers had on Brevard at CofC, he is currently the co-director of the local Mac Users Group and volunteer ubergeek at his wife's school.

Jonathan Geisler '95 is Associate Professor of Anatomy at New York College of Osteopathic Medicine Northern Boulevard Old Westbury, NY. His research is unchanged, still mammalian paleontology with an emphasis on the evolution of dolphins and whales. Because all 5 other faculty in the Anatomy Dept. are vertebrate paleontologists there is a great group of colleagues to collaborate with. Bolor (John's wife) and John have also done fieldwork with two of our colleagues in Mongolia. They look forward to conducting another expedition in the summer of 2010.

Kevin Haborak '95 left Advent Environmental in 2001 and accepted a position with Golder Associates in Atlanta, Georgia.  He worked at Golder for seven years and then accepted a position as Technical Manager for the US Corps of Engineers Savannah, District in September 2008.

Tom Maher '95 is an assistant project manager for Environmental Remediation Company (ECC) based in California. Since 1999 he's been on the road working on projects around the world. He met his wife while working in Thailand and they have two children.

Michael Moeller '95 MES '98 is teaching 8th grade science at Westview Middle School in Goose Creek, SC.

Jennifer (Meisburger) Holoviak '95 completed her Ph.D Degree in Geography at USC, working with John Jensen. Jennifer is working as a remote sensing imaging specialist for Booze, Allan & Hamilton in the Washington DC area.

Pam (Taylor) Gould '95 is married and working for a Georgia Tech science/science/technology K-12 outreach program.

Kelley Trautwein '95 moved to Las Vegas in June 2003. She decided to go back to her roots of the jewelry business. She is now the assistant manager of the Watch Shoppe at Treasure Island Casino, which is owned by MGM Mirage Corporation. She sells jewelry made from designers from all over the world.

Bryan Williams '95 is an environmental staff professional with S&ME, Inc. Mt. Pleasant, SC.

Help us Find: Owen Callard, Michelle Corley, Cynthia Hall, Laura Hammond, Jennifer Meisburger, David Pangilinan, Pamela Taylor, John Gibson

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Eric Cathcart '94 is currently a stay-at-home dad who watches over his 3.5 year old son (Jonah) and his 4 month old son (Samuel). He's teaching a few geology courses at the University of San Diego and doing some independent consulting. He surfs daily and frequently visits the Anza Borrego desert to look at the geology in his spare time.

John Hill III '94 is Project Geologist for Sub Surface Waste Management of Delaware, Inc. John lives in Charleston.

Doug Marcy '94 finished his Masters in 1997 at UNC-Wilmington in Coastal Geology. He worked for two years at the South Carolina Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (SCOCRM) as a NOAA Coastal Services Center Coastal Management Fellow. Doug currently works at the NOAA Coastal Services Center, Charleston, SC.

Ted Millings '94 is currently working for SC DHEC as District Hydrogeologist for the Lower Savannah District, District Office in Aiken. He completed his masters in geology at Georgia in 1999.

Jacqueline (Rasmussen) Gardiner '94 moved from Florida to Connecticut. She has retired from selling real estate after four years as a real estate agent in Florida. Lynn and her husband Bob purchased a "fixer-upper" (built in 1917) in Willimantic, Ct. They are in the process of renovating and improving the house. Lynn's husband is also involved in buying and selling real estate investment properties.

Dan Rivers '94 currently working for Salt Lake City Public Utilities. His responsibilities require creating and updating GIS maps for all of the utilities (water, sewer, and stormwater). Dan mainly works on the stormwater program. His work involves considerable field checking which he enjoys a great deal.

Help us Find: Marianne Armstrong, Matthew Bares, Catherine Blackshear, Craig Colaluca, Donna Lawton, Myra Limbaugh, Victor Millings, Scott Simpson

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Alex "Chip" Amos '93 is President of Katawba Environmental, Edgemoor, SC. Chip recently achieved official certification designation of registered environmental property assessor, conferred by the National Registry of Environmental Professionals. Chip is CEO of Katawba Environmental, Inc.

George Brailsford '93 and his wife Teresa are living in Charleston. George is a chemical specialist for the research and development company Polymer Ventures, Inc. He specializes in industrial and biological wastewater treatment.

Charles Crosby '93 is a Biologist with the Army Corps of Engineers, Charleston District. He is responsible for enforcement of wetlands regulations and delineations in the Coastal SC counties.

John Drafts '93 started an environmental consulting company in Denver, Colorado and staying true to his College of Charleston roots named it the Palmetto Environmental Group. The majority of the work base consists of keeping smaller oil companies "mom and pops" in compliance with state and federal environmental laws/investigating remediating releases from underground storage tanks. He attained a PG from the State of Nebraska, Colorado still does not have a PG program, and John is a licensed professional environmental consultant with the State of Colorado. He married in May 2011.

Sarah Foster '93 is a pharmaceutical representative for Abbot Labs. She lives in Balto, MD.

Ellen (Hawes) Grover received a JD at Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and Clark College in Portland with an emphasis in natural resource law. She currently practices at the law firm Karnopp Peterson LLP in Portland, Oregon, where her practice focuses on land use and natural resource law.

David Massie '93 is a senior project manager in the corporate environmental office for Giant Cement Holding Company, Inc. He is in charge of RCRA corrective action at seven facilities in six states (AL, GA, NC, PA, SC, and VA. David passed his professional geologists exam in September 2001 and is licensed in South Carolina.

Callum Parrott '93 recently moved to southern Florida where he is a partner for Trammell Crow Residential. Callum lives in Boca Raton, FL.

Milt Rhodes '93 graduated from the post professional Masters of Architecture program at the University of Miami.  He is working in Coral Gables as a town planner and project director for the firm, Dover Kohl and Partners  Emily (age 9) and Kristen (age 5) and Karen (age -  no comment)  have all adjusted to life in the tropics. 

Lynn Sharkey '93 is Restaurant Manager for Sticky Fingers Restaurant, Mt. Pleasant, SC.

Ted Schaeffer '93 is working with the Department of State in Washington, DC constructing embassy and consulate buildings overseas. He still manages to keep up with my paleoliquifaction research in South Carolina.

Brickman Way '93 completed a MS degree in geology at the University of Florida. He is currently working for a geophysics firm, Geohazards, in Gainesville, FL.

Help us Find: Elizabeth Bell, Heather Howell, James Waits, Austin Newman, Erik Bryer, Daniel Festa, James Green

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Kris Balliet '92 is the Director of the Alaska field office of the Center for Marine Conservation. She graduated from the Lewis and Clark, Northwestern School of Law in 1994. Her certification is in both judicial and environmental and natural resources law.

Barbie Bischof '92 is a Ph.D. student in political ecology at Florida International University.

Eric Cathcart '92 has accepted an offer to manage the Regulatory Assistance Section of the Regulatory Compliance Division in the Bureau of Land & Waste Management with South Carolina DHEC.

Heather Cathcart '92 has recently joined the Federal Remediation Section, where she will be the new Federal Remediation Section Coordinator.

Tracy (Byrd) Freiwald '92 is a registered professional geologist working for Ecology and Environment, Inc. She is employed in the Bureau of Petroleum Storage Systems.

Mike Doran '92 is Principal Scientist for Southeast Environmental Compliance, Andalusia, AL.

Tim Hornosky '92 is working as a hydrogeologist for the DHEC, Bureau of Land and Waste Management, Columbia, SC.

Bradley Schmol '92 lives in Charleston, SC.

Justine (Schremp) Sanchez '92 is the Assistant Director at the Alaska Regional Office of the Center for Marine Conservation, Anchorage, Alaska.

Dana (Turner) Holsclaw '92 was a Project Manager with Earth Tech, Inc. in Charleston, SC. She is now an Enviornmental Restoration Program Manager with JB Charleston. Dana is also the mother of two little girls.

Help us Find: Charles Blackburn, David Heicher, Angela Lester, Joel Shapiro, Noal Hudson

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Kevin Conlon '91 is a Hydrogeologist with the U.S. Geological Survey (SC District) working in Sullivan's Island, South Carolina.

Katharine (Herridge) Cartwright '91 has been teaching at Skidmore College for the past nine years. She was recently selected for inclusion in the 2004 volume of :Who's Who Among America's Teachers." At Skidmore, Kathy has been teaching courses in climatology, historical geology, and a newly developed course called Women in Science. She has also been pursuing a career in art and has won numerous awards for her paintings over the past three years.

Leigh Ann (Jones) Britton '91 is Applications Programmer for INSpire Insurance Solutions. She lives in Pelion, SC.

Tom Pacewic '91 is a principal consultant with PEZ & Associates, LLC, based out of Greenville, SC.

Aubrey (Steve) Stewart '91 Aubrey works as a geologist for Environmental Quality Control Division of DHEC in Spartanburg, SC.

Mark Vetzel '91 is is working for TabWare, an e-business solutions company in Greenville, SC.

Help us Find: Beth Carson, Samuel Weatherford, Kris Balliet, Barbie Bischo

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Help us Find: Christian Forrest, David Keith

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Tom Behnke '89 is Sr. Hydrologist/Manager of ESA Services for Terracon Consultants, Inc. Tom and his family live in Columbia SC.

Ann (Giddens) Clement '89 is a teacher at Mt. Pleasant Academy, Mt. Pleasant, SC.

Kim (Mutz) Sawyer '89 is Senior Geologist with TN & Associates, Inc in Ventura , CA .  She and her husband have 2 kids and are still living in Ventura.

Donna Porter '89 completed her Ph.D. In Soil Science in 1998 at Kansas State University. She is working as a geologist with the Kansas Department of health and Environment.

Mark Taylor '89 works as a Senior Project Manager for HDR Engineering, Inc. in Jacksonville, Florida. He lives with his wife Teresa and 2 children in Fernandina Beach, Florida. Mark recently attended the Rocky Mountain Section Meeting of the Geological Society of America in Durango, Colorado and spent time learning about the geology and mining history of the beautiful San Juan Mountains. He is currently helping the US Army Corps of Engineers develop a web based data management solution associated with their Civil Works projects and has also spent time working on the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP).

Nancy Whiting '89 has completed a M.S. degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Minnesota. She is currently employed as Concrete Research Scientist in the Civil Engineering Department at Purdue University.

Help us Find: Patrick Troxel, Marion Feagin, Audrey Ficca, Bramley Stafford

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Christine (Sanford) Coker '88 has recently been promoted to Regional Director of the Region 7 Charleston EQC Office. Christine is working for Bureau of Environmental Services.

Melanie (Dangerfield) Hill '88 is an environmental scientist at Santee Cooper in Goose Creek, SC.

Jack Siegel began his geology program at CofC and finished at Georgia State in 1991. He lives in Atlanta and has a business as an environmental consultant. Jack has two sons, the oldest being twelve.

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Mark Darrington '87 is a geologist at Earth Tech's Charleston office.

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Ronnie Paulling '86 is a Certified Professional Geologist working at Earth Tech in Charleston, SC.

Cynde (Rakowski) Devlin '86 works as a hydrogeologist in the Bureau of Land and Waste Management, SCDHEC, working in Columbia, SC.

Stephanie Schwabe '86 is living in Australia and attending Law School at Univ. Queensland.

Help us Find: William Britton

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Paul Bergstrand '85 is a hydrogeologist with the Bureau of Solid and Hazardous Waste Management, SCDHEC, working in Columbia, South Carolina.

Keene Fleck '85 is a geologist for Stearns, Conrad & Schmitt (SCS) Consulting Engineers.

Mitchell Leverette '85was recently promoted to Chief for the Division of Solid Mineral for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  The BLM is a federal agency within the Department of the Interior.  Mr. Leverette is responsible for 5 unique mineral programs across 262 million acres of federal surface mineral estate and approximate 800 million acres of federal sub-surface mineral estate.  The five programs within the Solid Minerals Division are 1)Mining Law 2) Coal 3)Non-Energy Leasables 4) Mineral Materials and 5) Oil Shale and Tar Sands. Across the BLM, there are over 200 mining engineers and geologists that work within the Solid Minerals programs.  There are more than 1,000 mining operations that are regulated and monitored by the BLM.  Mr. Leverette currently works at BLM's national headquarters in Washington, DC. and directly manages a staff of approximately 20 including mining engineers, geologists, an economist and a lawyer.    Mr. Leverette's Division operates with an annual budget of over $ 60 million dollars and over the past five years has generated over $ 3.5 billion in federal revenues. Mr. Leverette graduated with a BS in geology from the College of Charleston in 1985 and with a MS in geology from Sul Ross State University, Alpine TX in 1989.  Mr. Leverette has been employed with the BLM for 22 years. Mr. Leverette and his wife of 16 years (Sylvia), have two sons, Mitchell Chase (7 yrs old) and Matthew Hayden (4 yrs old).  The family currently resides in Manassas, VA.

Nina (Grego) Marshtein '85 is a licensed Professional Geologist and office manager for SCS Engineers in Charleston, SC.

Lee Monts '85 holds the position of Manager in the Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Management at SCDHEC, Columbia, SC.

Help us Find: Peter Vogel

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Cynthia Hicks '84 is a 7th grade science teacher at Oglethorpe Academy, Savannah, GA.

James (Jim) Jordan '84 is living in Aiken, SC and is a business partner with an engineering consulting firm, Success Staging International, LLC, started in 2010. Jim is senior project engineer/scientist applying Systems Engineering methods to program processes and requirements across multiple DOE Sites, the National Laboratories, and commercial initiatives. Jim has worked 25+ years in various functions such as: geologist, project scientist, environmental-remediation design authority; most recently collaborating with the National Nuclear Defense Laboratories and Sites on alternatives for enterprise performance improvement. Jim married Barbara Jordan (nee Barton, of Charleston, SC) in October 2000. Barbara was a childhood friend, and a gemstone found again later in life. 

Elizabeth (Rasor) Page '84 is an independent environmental consultant and realtor. Previously, Elizabeth worked as a Portfolio Director for Reiss Remediation, LLC in Wichita, KS, where she focused on the management of Koch petroleum and petrochemical remediation projects in Texas, North Carolina, Florida, and Alaska. Prior to working for Reiss, Elizabeth has worked for SCDHEC as a Hydrogeologist, NUS Corporation as a Hydrogeologist, and the Department of Energy’s Hazardous Waste Remedial Action Program as an Environmental Specialist. (updated April 2020)

Mark Wilson '84 is a hydrogeologist for the State of Louisiana, Office of Public Health.

Help us Find: Donna Lawson

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Eldon Delong '83 is a Chemist working at High Purity Standards, Inc. in Charleston, South Carolina.

Barbara Neale '83 is a Hydrogeologist with the Office of Coastal and Resource Management, SCDEHC, Charleston, South Carolina.

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Stan Clark '82 is currently an Assistant Chief for DHEC's Bureau of Land and Waste Management in Columbia, SC.

Richard Huss '82 is the president of a Charleston-area construction company.

Thomas Hutto '82 is a Technical Director at General Engineering Labs, Inc. in Charleston, South Carolina.

Mark Megna '82 is a school teacher in Lowell, MA.

Don Strickland '82 is the Director of Technical Operations with BEM Systems Inc. and is currently working on his Ph.D. He and Vallie live in Lutz, Fla.

David Watkins '82 is a geologist for Duke Energy Co. He lives in Johnston, SC.

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Geoff Burke '81 is a geologist and Senior Project Manager for PBS&J, Inc. Geoff lives in West Palm Beach, FL.

Greg Force '81 is about to celebrate 24 years as an environmental consultant with Force & Associates(updated April 2020)

J.R. Porter '81 is Project Manager with McDevitt Street Bovis. He lives in North, SC.

Anthony Youmans '81 is currently working as a steward of South Carolina's most historic building, the Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon as the Director. It is by far the most rewarding professional experience he has ever had!

Teresa (Garrett) Young '81 is employed by Goldie & Associates as an Environmental Scientist, residing in Seneca.

Help us Find: Count Tye

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Gordon Thompson '80 is a science teacher for the Fayette Public School System, Fayette, MO.

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Bruce Campbell '79 is still with the USGS (20 years) and currently working on a revision of the regional ground-water flow model of the Atlantic Coastal Plain aquifers in North and South Carolina.

Al Taylor '79 is employed with Nomad Geosciences, Reston, VA.

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Richard Button '78 is a Health Physicist working with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Region 4) in Atlanta. He does a lot of work related to NORM (naturally occurring radioactive materials) of which Charleston has a lot (phosphates). Rick is hard at work on the beach near Destin, FL.

William "Bill" Clifford '78 is a Geologist at Jefferies Randall & Dewey, a Division of Jefferies. Mr. Clifford works in the Houston office advising and evaluating divestiture clients’ with their oil and gas properties and assisting the financial group with technical evaluations, involving geological interpretations. Prior to joining Randall & Dewey two years ago, he acquired 24 years of evaluation, development and exploitation experience at Texas Eastern, Ryder Scott Petroleum Consultants, Santa Fe Energy, Enron Capital & Trade, Unocal, Collarini Associates and Tristone Capital. Mr. Clifford received a BS in Geology from the College of Charleston, is a licensed Professional Geoscientist in the state of Texas, a Certified Petroleum Geologist, and a member of the American Petroleum Geologists and the Houston Geological Society.

Fred Falls '78 is Project Chief on the Georgia Offshore drilling project, a multi-state investigation to study salt water intrusion near Savannah, GA.

David Moore '78 retired as Executive Director at the Southwest Florida Water Management District, Brooksville, FL in 2011 and is enjoying being retired now. (updated 11/20/2017)

David Smith '78 has recently taken a position as District Geologist at Oneok Resources Company, a diversified natural gas and energy provider headquartered in Tulsa, OK. David is engaged in the development and evaluation of geologic prospects, and screening acquisition candidates for Oneok. David, Mary, and daughter Sarah have lived in Oklahoma for 18 years. He has a great website about petroleum geology:

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Lemuel Potts '77 lives in Oakland, CA.

Richard Wilkerson '77 earned an M.S. In Geology at the University of Alabama in 1981. Since 1993, Richard has been Exploration Manager for Miller Energy Inc., Houston. Miller Energy is a small East Texas oil and gas producer. Prior to 1993, he was Project Manager with Geraghty and Miller in Los Angeles (1990-1993) and an exploration geologist with Cities Service Oil and Occidental Petroleum Tulsa and Houston (1979-1990). Richard is married to Tracy and they have three children.

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Michael Johnson '75 has retired and is living in Charleston. He taught a subsurface mapping course at CofC during the Spring 2001 semester. He continues to teach courses and supervise exploration research projects using 3-D seismic software.

William Knebusch '75 is a consulting petroleum geologist in Amarillo, TX.

Melissa Sandstrom '75 retired from Shell Exploration & Production Inc after 32 years! She's living in Houston, Texas and spending as much time at her beach house at Crystal Beach on the Gulf Coast. She has two daughters and is anxiously waiting for grandkids. (updated 2/23/17)

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Please contact Kendrick Marion ( with any updates.