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Karen Black '10

Karen Black photo

Meet Karen Black, who graduated with her Bachelor of Science degree in 2010.  

After graduation she earned her Master's degree at the University of Texas at Austin, Jackson School of Geosciences. Her thesis focused on zircon geochronology of granites from western Turkey to better understand the timing of extension and pluton emplacement in that region. Karen performed summer field work in Turkey with her advisor, Dr. Elizabeth Catlos. She also collected samples for other projects outside of her field area, and was able to visit other regions of Turkey and collaborate with several Turkish researchers.

Currently Karen works as a Project Geologist for Core Laboratories in Houston, TX. Core Labs processes and performs a variety of tests on rock samples. Most of their clients are oil and gas companies and the rock comes from wells they drill. She helps manage some of the geology work that comes through and specifically performs thin section and SEM petrography. She integrates this work with XRD, TOC, and other core analysis data to produce well-specific summaries for clients. Karen has worked on a variety of rocks and reservoirs throughout the world from offshore Mozambique to onshore west Texas.

 Roman column in Turkey and Karen for scale

'Leftover' Roman columns from one of the granitic plutons sampled for my thesis. Taken during field work in Turkey.

One of her favorite memories from her time as a Geology major at CofC is field studies with Dr. Bob and Dr. Colgan - such an awesome time! Even though the mapping was tough, the memories and friendships from driving and camping throughout the southwest are unforgettable.

Karen field work kayaking

Work related Microbial Carbonates course which included kayaking and hiking down the Llano River in Central Texas to view the Upper Cambrian Microbial Carbonate mounds. 

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