Erin Beutel, Associate Professor

SC Earthquake Education and Preparedness Program

Address: SSMB 222


Northwestern University
Ph.D. 2000

Research Interests

Erin Beutel’s research explores stress in the Earth from a large global tectonic scale to a regional perspective on the Charleston Earthquake.  She has published on everything from mid-ocean ridge tectonics to the break-up of Pangea and stress in the East African Rift using everything from igeneous geochemistry to field relationships of dykes to finite element modeling.  Currently her focus is on stress in the lithosphere and its relationship to magmatism during continental break-up and she mainly uses finite element models to conduct her research.  However, her research with students continues to be even more widespread from changes in  the geochemistry of ash with distance from an eruption to the role of faults in warm spring formation in the Appalachians.

South Carolina Research

Erin uses everything from stress models to geochemistry to field work in South Carolina to understand the geologic history of the break-up of Pangea and the initiation of the Atlantic ocean off the coast of South Carolina.  This research is applied to help understand present day seismicity in South Carolina.

Courses Taught

Dr. Erin Beutel teaches Structural Geology lecture and lab (GEOL 352 and 352L), Geology and Civilization (GEOL235), Tectonics (GEOL411), Senior Seminar, and intro classes.

GEOL 105 and GEOL 105L Historical Geology

GEOL 156L Honors Geology Lab

GEOL 235 Geology and Civilization

GEOL 352 and GEOL 352L Structural Geology

GEOL 411 Tectonics

GEOL 492 Senior Seminar

Honors and Awards

2018 NACADA Regional Faculty Advising Award

2017 College-Wide Distinguished Advising Award, College of Charleston

2005 Distinguished Achievement Award, School of Science and Math, College of Charleston


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* Denotes student author