D. John Chadwick

Associate Professor

Address: SSMB 244
Phone: 843.953.5950
E-mail: chadwickj@cofc.edu


James Madison University

B.S. Geology, 1987

Northern Arizona University

M.S. Geology, 1993

University of Florida

Ph.D. Geological Sciences, 2002

Research Interests

High-temperature geochemistry / igneous petrology

Remote Sensing

Planetary Science



Courses Taught

GEOL 256 Mineralogy and Petrology

GEOL 360 Field Studies

GEOL 442 and EVSS 642 Geological Applications of Remote Sensing

HONS 155/156 Honors Geology 1 and 2

GEOL 105 Earth History

GEOL 240 Special Topic: Volcanic Geochmistry and Tectonics

GEOL 240 Special Topic: Volcanoes in the Footsteps of Darwin (Course Abroad in Galapagos)


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