M. Scott Harris

Associate Professor

Address: SSMB 214
Phone: 843.953.0864
E-mail: harriss@cofc.edu


University of Delaware    

Ph.D. in Geology, 2000

University of Virginia         

M.S. in Environmental Science, 1992

College of William and Mary 

B.S. in Geology, 1988

Research Interests

Coastal Plain and Continental Shelf Stratigraphy

Seafloor Mapping

Landscape Evolution


Habitat Delineation

Courses Taught

GEOL 103 Environmental Geology

GEOL 295 Geoarchaeology

GEOL 272 Stratigraphy and Sedimentation

GEOL 399 Tutorial

GEOL 491 Senior Thesis

GEOL 499 Bachelors Essay

EVSS 645  Coastal Issues and Processes

EVSS 680 Case Studies in Environmental Issues

Honors and Awards

2009 Best Paper and Presentation. 10th Biannual International Coastal Symposium, Lisboa, Portugal.

2007 Million Dollar Club for external funds brought to the University (former appointment at CCU)

2004 Keynote speaker for the Annual Meeting of the South Carolina Academy of Sciences


Harris, M. S., Sautter, L. R., Johnson, K. L., Luciano, K. E., Sedberry, G. R., Wright, E. E., & Siuda, A. N. S. (2013). Continental shelf landscapes of the southeastern United States since the last interglacial. Geomorphology, 19. doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.geomorph.2013.02.014 

Pyszka, Kimberly; Hays, Maureen; and Harris, Scott, 2010. The Archaeology of St. Paul’s Parish Church, Hollywood, South Carolina, USA. Journal of the Society for Church Archaeology (UK)

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Hippensteel, Scott P; Martin, Ronald E; Harris, M Scott, 2005. Records of prehistoric hurricanes on the South Carolina coast based on micropaleontological and sedimentological evidence, with comparison to other Atlantic coast records; discussion. Geological Society of America Bulletin, vol.117, no.1-2, p.250-253.

Harris, M. Scott; Gayes, Paul T.; Kindinger, Jack L.; Flocks, James G.; Krantz, David E.; and Donovan, Patricia, 2005. Quaternary Geomorphology and modern coastal development in response to an inherent geologic framework: and example from Charleston, South Carolina. Journal of Coastal Research, v. 21(1), p.49-64.

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