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Your guide to how to become a major, minor, or to learn more about this field. Not sure if you want to study geology? Try taking our introductory courses to get a taste of what a geologist studies. The first intro course offered is Geology 103 (Environmental Geology), followed by Geology 105 (Earth History).

For GEOL course registration inquiries, send an email from your CofC email account to with your CWID and course CRN(s).

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Spring 2023 Registration and Preparing Your Registration Plan

Don't wait until the last minute to begin preparing your registration plan! All Geology (GEOL) and Environmental Geosciences (GENV) majors have an advising hold each semester. Students should contact their Geology & Environmental Geosciences faculty advisor for an advising appointment. Your advising hold will not be lifted until you have communicated with your advisor about your Spring 2023 plan.

Students who are also majors in other departments, must communicate with their GEOL or GENV advisor to have their advising hold removed. Communicating with one major advisor will not lift an advising hold for another department. For example, if a GEOL (Geology) major who is also an MBIO (Marine Biology) major only meets with their MBIO major advisor, their GEOL advising hold will not be lifted. 

The advising guides linked below are visual charts of department-offered courses that are recommended based on a student's time as a declared major. Please use these guides with the Program of Study Guides linked above to help prepare your registration plan.  




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We offer Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Geology, a new Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Geosciences, a minor in Geology, and a new minor in Geoinformatics. Students in the Honors Program can also major or minor in Geology and conduct their Bachelor's Essay with our faculty. Check out the links below for more information on the department!

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