Coastal and Marine Research

The Coastal Plain and Continental Shelf Geology research program at the College Charleston integrates with many interdisciplinary groups, faculty, and staff across departments, the region, and nationally. Our focus is on understanding the evolution of these two areas of our Continental Margin using remote sensing, direct observation, and long-term monitoring of various sites. We utilize many different geophysical tools to collect data, and analyze those data with an array of commercial and open-source software.

Major Project Areas

The research conducted within this group ranges from the fall zone in the Upper Coastal Plain to beyond the edge of the continental shelf. We utilize primarily remote sensing and direct observation and sampling to map and understand the dynamics and evolution of this coastal region on time scales of hours to millions of years. Geological mapping of various habitats (Essential Fish Habitats, Habitats of Particular Concern) are of particular interest with our biological partners. Some links including our offshore research projects include:

Project Oceanica

BEAMS BEnthic Acoustic Mapping and Survey (formerly SeaMap)

Local Coastal Links

Here are some local links which may be of help to those visiting the South Carolina Coastline.

Coastal Ocean Observing Systems

Carolina RCOOS




Tide and Current Predictor from USC:


Folly Beach Pier area via SurfChex:

Surf Reports

Surfline Folly Beach Surf Repots & Cams: