Lowcountry Hazards Center

The Lowcountry Hazards Center integrates and communicates knowledge in natural and social sciences with the goal of assisting disaster professionals and policy makers; develops and implements strategies in hazard assessment, preparedness, and recovery to increase the disaster resilience of the Lowcountry community; and educates the next generation of disaster researchers, emergency managers, and policy makers.

The Lowcountry is vulnerable to a number of natural hazards, including devastating hurricanes and earthquakes. The challenge is to prevent a Katrina-scale disaster from impacting the citizens of the Lowcountry. To respond to this challenge, the College of Charleston is establishing the Lowcountry Hazards Center with two overarching goals:

  • To foster research, education and communication among College of Charleston faculty, hazard professionals, community leaders, and policy makers about natural hazards, and
  • To increase the resiliency of the region to future geological and meteorological disasters (i.e., increased robustness of systems and processes (pre-disaster) and faster recovery (post-disaster)). 

For information, please contact the following individual(s):

Norman Levine, Director