Undergraduate Programs

Why Geology and Environmental Geosciences?

What do geologists and geoscientists do?

The Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences offers three majors, two minors, and broad array of topical and interdisciplinary elective courses in the geosciences.

Students who complete a bachelor of science or bachelor of arts degree with a major in geology may tailor a program of study to better prepare themselves for a wide variety of career opportunities in:

  • Advanced graduate study – Our students have received graduate fellowships from universities throughout the U.S.
  • Industry and government using geospatial technologies
  • Environmental consulting firms and state or federal environmental regulatory agencies and hazard mitigation
  • Interdisciplinary careers such as oceanography, national intelligence, and resource management

Major and Minor Requirements

Bachelor of Science Geology Major

Bachelor of Arts Geology Major

Bachelor of Science Environmental Geosciences Major

Geology Minor

Geoinformatics Minor

How to Declare Your Major or Minor

Ready to choose geology as a major or minor? Here's what you need to do:

  1. Go to the POSM: Program of Study Management page for intstructions on declaring your major or minor in MyCharleston
  2. Declare your major or minor in Geology or Environmental Geosciences or minor in Geoinformatics
  3. The department will review your request and contact you about setting up an appointment to speak with an advisor about your class plan
  4. Be sure to keep checking your email once you submit a major or minor request because that's how we'll reach you to confirm your request

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