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The Geology Department has several funds where you can see your gift at work with our students and programs. The College of Charleston Foundation is our development and stewardship group and is a 503(c) organization. Donations can be made by selecting the fund(s) you wish to support below or by sending a check to the Geology and Environmental Geosciences department. Please note on the check which fund you are supporting. Thank you in advance for your gift - we truly appreciate it!

Your donations make a big difference to our students and the opportunities we are able to offer them. Watch this video to learn about the impact of your donation.

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Geology Department Fund (fund code R325)

This fund is used to support travel expenses, faculty recruitment, student awards, student research, and other projects.

Geology Alumni Endowed Award (GAEA) (E667)

This endowment aids Geology students in summer research with faculty, travel to professional conferences, and support for students in Field Studies courses. More Information  Donate Now!

Royal Hartenberger Memorial Award (R341)

The Royal Hartenberger Memorial Fund, established in 1996, supports Field Studies students with funding for several students each year. Our goal is to increase the fund and number of students supported each year.

Taylor Family Geology Scholarship (R942)

Carl “Al” Taylor, Jr. and his wife, Ione, are established this scholarship to help support students majoring in Geology at the College of Charleston. Al graduated Magna Cum Laude from the College of Charleston in 1979 with a degree in Geology. 

Paleontology Scholarship (R1000)

This fund is used to support the academic development of an outstanding student who has shown scholastic strength, research potential, and professional interest in the field of paleontology. The scholarship recipient will receive $1,000 each year, for two years. These funds will be applied directly towards tuition. In the second year, the recipient will also receive a $500 research budget to be applied towards their independent research project.

Natural History Museum Fund (R548)

The Mace Brown Museum of Natural History has amazing collections, including a focus on Lowcountry cetaceans and the evolution of whales. We have half of all Oligocene-aged cetacean fossils in the world! We’re open every day except Wednesday; hours are 11 am – 4 pm. Please visit! 

Robert & Sarah Boessenecker Museum Support Fund (R1007)

This fund provides support for student and temporary workers in the Mace Brown Museum of Natural History.

BEnthic Acoustic Mapping and Survey [BEAMS] Program (R648)

These funds support students applying geologic knowledge to seafloor research and applied science projects, to attend professional conferences to present their results, and to get ship time experience. For the past three US Hydro conferences, CofC students have taken the top honors of the student research poster competition!

Matt Christie BEAMS Support Fund (R1045)

Matt Christie 13 was a born explorerAt the College, Matt started out in marine biology, moved to psychology and then landed on geology, where he found his true calling – to be an offshore geologist through the BEAMS (BEnthic Acoustic Mapping and Survey) Program, the ocean-surveying brainchild of Leslie “Doc” Sautter. In 2021, Matt passed unexpectedly. To honor his life, as well as Sautter, Matt's parents, Dan and Claire Christie, decided to bequeath what they had designated in their will for him to what he loved, creating the Matt Christie Endowed BEAMS Support Fund to help others follow in his path.

Katuna Endowment Scholarship in Environmental Studies (E367)

This endowment provides $2,500 to support students conducting graduate-level geoscience research.

Thank you again for supporting the Geology and Environmental Geosciences Department and our programs!