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The Consortium offers a wide range of education services from faculty fellowships to precollege student activities. Each year we conduct competitions for undergraduate and graduate student awards on each of our campuses. We provide mentored research experiences for all of our student awardees. We host several teacher workshops per year using NASA related curriculum. We conduct multiple public service activities including public lectures and scientific presentations. Be sure to check out Facebook and Twitter for recent updates!

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Contact Information                                                                                                       

Dr. Cassandra Runyon | Director | p. 843.953.8279 |
f. 843.953.3411 |

Mrs. Tara Scozzaro | Program Manager | p. 843.953.5463 |                                           
f. 843.953.3411 |

Office Location:
202 Calhoun Street, Offices 202 and 206


Mailing Address:
South Carolina Space Grant Consortium
Department of Geology and Environmental Sciences
College of Charleston
66 George Street
Charleston, SC 29424

Students interested in scholarships should visit the Scholarships and Fellows page for more information.

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